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  • Gramene  
    Funded by the USDA IFAFS programme to create a curated, open-source, Web-accessible data resource for comparative genome analysis in the grasses. Data formerly in RiceGenes is now integrated in Gramene.

  • Syngenta  
    Announce of complete rice genome map by Syngenta
  • CGIAR centers  
    CGIAR(Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research)
  • BAC/EST Resource Center  
    Genome Institute,Clemson University. The international Rice Genome Sequencing Project.
  • IGGI
    International Grass Genome Initiative. Information and materials necessary for grass genome research
  • IITA
    International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Nigeria) CGAIR member.
  • IRRI Home Page
    International Rice Research Institute (Philippines) general information.
  • Rice Web
    International Rice Research Institute (Philippines) Rice general information.
  • Oryzabase
    National Institute of Genetics A comprehensive rice science database by Rice genetic resouce committee.
    National Plant Genetic Resources Center (Taiwan)
    West Africa Rice Development Association (Cote d'lvoire) CGIAR member.
  • US Rice Genome Site
    US Participation in the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project chromosomes 3, 10, and 11 Four groups are participating in the U. S. effort, The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), Clemson University/Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory/Washington University consortium (CCW), Plant Genome Initiative at Rutgers (PGIR), and the University of Wisconsin.
  • Genoscope
    Genoscope France rice Genome project,Chromosome 12
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